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We “took back the mic” in ‘68 and have been building a deep Stanford legacy ever since. The Take Back (#TheTakeBack) is a podcast from the SNBAA’s Young Alumni Connectors (YAC) focused on uplifting the stories and experiences of Stanford alumni and friends who are trailblazing, living their best lives, and learning lessons along the way. The Take Back illuminates the breadth of our experience and the depth of our will to use our own mics each day. Expect to laugh, feel nostalgic, be empowered, navigate discomfort and so much more when you tune in to The Take Back.

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Episode 4: Her Move featuring Rochelle Ballantyne ’17

On this month’s episode of The Take Back, Rochelle Ballantyne, class of 2017, discusses her journey to becoming one of the top-ranking female chess players in America and her current path to become the first African-American woman Chessmaster.

_________________________________________________________________________________________Episode 3: Real American with Julie Lythcott-Haims, ’89

What do you do when you’ve reached the place others deem a success, but you can’t help but feel unfulfilled? On this month’s episode of The Take Back, Julie Lythcott-Haims, ’89, NY Times Bestselling Author and former Dean of Freshmen and Undergraduate Advising, shares her story of learning how to give herself permission to live out loud and helping others to articulate and listen to their own dreams.

Episode 2: Wait ’til I Get My Money Right with Lillian Singh, ’04

In this episode of “The Take Back,” we interview Lillian Singh, ’04 to discuss money — a topic that’s practically more taboo than politics and religion.  Learn about her work toward closing the racial wealth divide.

Say What?! (Quotable)

LS: The median wealth for African Americans is $1700.

Episode 1: How to Build A Seat At The Table” with Myisha Patterson-Gatson, ’03

In our inaugural episode, Myisha Patterson-Gatson ‘03 breaks down how she manages her passion for health policy with a desire to change business as usual within Silicon Valley. Learn how she and five other Stanford alumni built the Black Angel Technology Investment Fund to empower black techpreneurs with a big idea.

Say What?! (Quotable)

KW: When have you taken back the mic?

MPG: Everyday of my life.