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What Hip Hop Tells Us About the U.S. and the World Now with Jeff Chang

Over forty years after its birth, hip-hop remains a vital pop cultural movement

What can it tell us about the changing nature of the city, about race, gender, and identity, and about the social and economic problems of our times? Why does it endure as a voice for youth around the world?

Jeff Chang is the Executive Director of the Institute for Diversity in the Arts. He has a long career specializing in culture, politics, the arts, and music. A prolific author, his most recent book is We Gon' Be Alright: Notes on Race and Resegregation. In 2014, he received the St. Clair Drake Teaching Award at Stanford University. Before Stanford, Chang co-founded CultureStr/ke and ColorLines. He also co-organized the inaugural National Hip-Hop Political Convention.

This talk was recorded at Stanford Reunion Homecoming 2017.


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